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The International Spanish Academy [ISA] at Walton is a rigorous Humanities program of study for students who are learning Spanish as a Foreign Language. For full participation in the ISA, the ISA graduates will earn a diploma from Walton and from the Ministry of Education of Spain. In collaboration with Spain's Ministry of Education, the four pillars of Walton High School's International Spanish Academy are:

Pillars of ISA #1 Foundation Pillar : Educate

Educate students in the values of multicultural education to foster international communication and friendship among different cultures.

Pillars of ISA #2 Foundation Pillar : Communicate

Teach students to express themselves and effectively communicate in English and Spanish in their personal relationships and in academic settings.

Pillars of ISA #3 Foundation Pillar : Access

Promote the access of students to prestigious centers of higher education throughout the United States, Spain, Europe and Latin America.

Pillars of ISA #4 Foundation Pillar : Respect

Instill upon students the importance of respect, honor, and the inherent rights of different cultures along with their traditions and values.

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