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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ISA right for me?

Only you will be able to answer this question. Throughly read the general information about the ISA on our ISA Program page. In addition, you can read some of the newsletters to find out more about what goes on in the ISA at Walton. Discuss your interest with your family and your current Spanish teacher. Additionally, the ISA is only open to students in the Walton attendance zone. It is not a magnet program.

Will I have any flexibility in choosing my courses?

You will have a prescribed course of study in Spanish which will include four Spanish courses and five content area courses. The content area ISA courses are taught in English and Spanish, and the delivery component in Spanish in the content area courses increases each year. Additional spaces within your schedule are yours to fill in as you feel you need.

What if I am a member of the band or the orchestra?

We have many musicians in the ISA! You will have limited flexibility for extra electives as these music programs already occupy that time during your day. You might be eligible to add a tuition course [zero period] if you want to add a course to your schedule.

What if I don't think I can be successful in Honors or AP level courses, for example, in Spanish...then what?

You are not alone. Many of our past students have initially felt the same way when they were 8th graders, but once they entered the program, they learned that it was easier and more rewarding than they thought it would be. Take into consideration that added support will be provided by the ISA faculty to help you as you acquire added fluency and ability in the language. Challenge yourself! Speak to an ISA teacher or students who are in the program about what you can expect to learn and the workload involved. You may be suprised. If, after doing that, you still feel that you cannot do it, then you should probably not apply to the ISA. You still will be able to study four years of Spanish, but you will not be in the ISA.

Can I drop out of the Academy?

By recommendation of the ISA faculty and/or the student's Guidance Counselor, or in extreme cases in consultation with the parents and teachers, students may be released from the ISA program. Special sections of ISA classes are hand scheduled for students to obtain the best possible scenario for success. Teacher allotments do not allow for flexibility once courses are established. So please make your considerations carefully and submit an application only if you are genuinely serious about obtaining proficiency in Spanish by your graduation from high school.

If I don't apply now, can I apply in my sophomore or junior year?

Unfortunately, no. Applications are available for rising freshmen only.

What's in it for me?

I have additional questions not answered here. Who can I ask?

Feel free to email the ISA Program Director, Jennifer Snoddy, with any questions you have concerning the International Spanish Academy, at jennifer.snoddy@cobbk12.org.