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The ISA Program

Students who wish to apply to the ISA must be recommended for 9th grade Honors Literature and AP Human Geography. When accepted to ISA, students will take 4 years of Spanish at Walton and 4 Honors & AP content area courses in English and History that include a delivery component in Spanish. Approximately 30% of an ISA student's overall coursework at Walton will be conducted in Spanish.

Students are admitted into the ISA in their freshman year. Acceptance into Walton's ISA program implies that a student will remain an Academy student throughout their high school career in order to graduate with both diplomas.

The following informational table outlines projected ISA courses. The course sequence may vary as determined by the Walton ISA Committee and available content area Spanish speaking teachers.

9th Grade

ISA Spanish II
Culture, Comparisons & Communications

ISA Honors 9th Grade Literature

10th Grade

ISA Spanish III Advanced
The Humanities: Art & History

ISA Honors World Literature

ISA AP US Government & Politics
[Spring Semester Course]

11th Grade

ISA AP Spanish Language & Culture

ISA AP U.S. History

12th Grade

ISA AP Spanish Literature & Culture

ISA AP English Literature & Composition

Click Here to Download an ISA Application [PDF]